Heidegger: Reading against the Grain

Reading Heidegger’s work is im-possible. This work is a challenge to interpretation, assimilation, mimetic reproduction. At the same time it resists every rapprochement, not however for being mysterious or profound.

This resistance has its own formal nature, as it in no way obstructs the literary and philosophical assimilation of Heidegger’s thought. No passages in Heidegger’s work can be pointed out that oppose the literature on Heidegger, or that are overlooked by this literature. Yet the entire Heidegger-literature bypasses Heidegger in a specific way. When this happens, this literature is against Heidegger. No matter how multifaceted and correct the interpretations of Heidegger may be, they still leave “something” untouched through their way of asking. This “something” cannot be indicated in any specific regard. A curious indifference encircling the Heidegger-literature manifests itself.

Heidegger: Reading Against the Grain (pdf)